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i'm katy. i'm sixteen and music is basically my life. my instagram is @kgenre. the best compliment i've ever received is that i'm like cassie from skins oh


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Lutz Bacher, Appropriated Celestial Photographs

oh my god i am obsessed with stars

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Anonymous asked: Hi Katy!!! I just wanted to know what grade you're in? Sorry if that sounds creepy but I follow you on Insta and you WORK FOR A MAGAZINE and that's pretty incredible, especially with all the people you get to meet and all the incredible opportunities you have at such a young age. I love your life.

Ahh yes yes I love my life too! Really shows things do get better. I’m a junior in highschool so I’m 16, but 17 on May 13th :) Thanks for the sweet message dearest


Nature baby.


catchthecolor asked: hii from your photography and blog you seem like a really excellent person, and i just wanted to say hi, how are you? how's everything going?

hi doll! thank you! I’m fine just exhausted. how are you?

Anonymous asked: PREACH IT 🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌

thanks brah. pisses me off how everyone thinks smoking is so fucking cool.

u r so cool with ur cigarettes! black lungs and cancer are all the rage!!